Mefco's PostScript Course

Michael Fryd's
PostScript® Language Course

Michael Fryd has been working with PostScript® since before it's public introduction.  Michael added PostScript support to the Scribe® document production system, which was used to format the original "Red Book" PostScript Language Reference Manual.

Michael developed both an introductory and an advanced PostScript course, which he taught in the US and the UK.

The first three chapters of the introductory course have been converted to HTML, and are presented here.  The remaining chapters, and the advanced course are awaiting volunteers to convert them to HTML.


The Complete course materials are available for licensing, or you can hire Michael to come teach them top your organization.  Please e-mail Michael at for details.


Michael now spends much of his time developing and hosting Web sites.  His personal favorite is Mefco's Random Joke Server.  Please take a look.

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